Anna Febe Knutsson
BFA student in Visual communication

Anna Febe Knutsson
BFA student in visual communication

1995: Born in Stockholm, SWE
2000: Repeated kindergarten
2005: Was in a play
2017: Started Beckmans
college of design, BFA

01. Bookcover club

A self-initiated project where everytime I read a book I design a jacket for it. I also made a website documenting the bookcovers. Project initiated 18/11/18 Visit it here.

02. Identity Christmas market

Identity for Beckmans Christmas market 2017. The aim was to highlight the assortment of selfcrafted, quality products sold at the Christmas market in contrast with the consumption craze and cheap aesthetics. 200 posters were silk printed using silver paint - stating “BUY”, “COME” or “XMAS”. Typeface made in metaflop.

A collaboration with John Bengtsson, Tilda Aspelin & Adam Siversen Ljung. Photos by Jonas Esteban Isfält.

03. Archive of the unknown

A class project where we redesigned four digital archives. This is the result of the “Archive of the unknown”, which is based on the Swedish UFO club. We decided to focus on the documented UFO sightings that people have sent in for the past ten years. By moving the cursor around on the Swedish map, new quotes will appear, showing the different reported sightings. The vague, abstract descriptions can almost be seen as comical poetry.

My group was responsible for choosing the poetic path and the graphic design.
Visit it here. Project made with Måns Peterson, John Bengtsson and Adam Siversen Ljung.

04. Another man's trash

The more of us there are, the less the is of green areas. Nature we previously took care of disappear at a rapid pace in order to give space to new infrastructure. At the same time, research demonstrates that private citizens nurture and upkeep of urban green areas have an important role to maintain the biological diversity.

How can we contribute to a sustainable and hospitable city whilst vegetation and parks are disappearing? Will we turn to objects that we today view as redundant? Can humanity grow and develop in trash?

Exhibited at Svenskt Tenn March 21-April 7th, 2019, the project is based on the Beijer Institute‘s research about biodiversity in urban areas.

05. MEMO

Memo is a magazine about music and memories. It is an exploration of the nostalgic power of music in different dimensions of our lives. Memo delves into issues such as the Mozart effect, our relationship to funeral music and music as medicine for alzheimers patients. Printed in 50 copies by the Newspaper club.

Project made with Agnes Moström, Hedda Wallén and Adam Siversen Ljung.

06. My Prayers My Happiness

Visual essay of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.