Anna Febe Knutsson
BFA student in Visual communication

Anna Febe Knutsson
Graphic design/Art Direction

1995: Born in Stockholm, SWE
2000: Repeated kindergarten
2005: Was in a play
2017: Started Beckmans
college of design
2021: Currently @ Weekday

01. Window Shopping

Art direction & design for third year fashion students at Beckmans College of Design. Thirteen collections were created in collaboration with six Swedish fashion brands that focus on sustainable clothing. To showcase the clothing and their sustainability, we created the concept title Window Shopping - the act of looking at clothes without the intention of buying.

Concept, design and art direction together with Måns Peterson, Julius Tuvenvall, Hannah Gren Youngblood, Felix Scheynius & Adam Siversen Ljung.

Teasers from the movie were released on social media to build up for the upcoming fashion week event in Copenhagen. The whole concept builded on the models acting/posing behind a glass wall. We wanted the models to act in a performative, engaging way, as to present the act of Window Shopping as a new entertainment form in itself.

Watch full film here. Director of Photography - Joel Hördegård.


We designed a lookbook with the dimensions 8 x 125 cm, drawing visual references to a receipt. 600 copies were made on semi-gloss paper 175g. Photos shot and edited by Beata Cervin.

Mobile and desktop versions of the digital lookbook where viewer can read full texts from each fashion student discussing their work and concept. Visit it here.

02. A Book about Books

Thesis project exploring reading as a form of therapy, resulting in a book produced and designed by myself.

A Book about Books is a collection of 21 books that all carry themes of the inner self.

3D renderings made by Double Up studio

The book was divided into five different chapters - books about love, mental health, self-criticism, grief & perseverance.

All photos were taken by Linnea Jacobsson and art directed by myself.

The book will be printed in 100 copies 18 x 11 cm and sold at the graduation exhibition in August 2020. The aim of the project was to provide an introduction to reading therapy and highlight the significance of reading.

03. Nola

While working at Nuet design studio, I participated in redesigning the website and visual identity for Swedish design manufacturer Nola. Founded over 40 years ago with an ambition to bring modern design into public space the company has been a front runner in product development, quality production and sustainability. Visit the wesite here

04. In my backyard – exhibition identity

Visual identity for the exhibition In my backyard at Svenskt Tenn March 21 - April 7th 2019. 16 students from Beckmans College of design were tasked with interpreting the Beijer Institute's research on ecosystems and biological diversity in urban areas.

The identity includes: press images, a website, folder, display window, and curation design. Made in collaboration with Lina Reidarsdotter and John Bengtsson.

As the theme of the students work was biodiversity, we created an identity revolving around references to satellite images, vintage and digital maps. This reflected everything from typography, graphics and color.

All the modules at the exhibition were painted in the same shade of yellow as seen in the rest of the identity in order to create unity.

05. Gemme Collective

Graphic identity for the clothing rental Gemme Collective. Identity includes logo, color, typography and custom illustrations to highlight the festive and playful tonality of the company.

06. Archive of the unknown

Website with an interactive map over alleged UFO sightings in Sweden.

As a group project, we were given the task of giving new life to the already existing UFO archive Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) . While searching the website, we found an Excel document titled ScanCat filled with thousands of alleged UFO sightings. We decided to make a website based on an interactive map of Sweden, where the user can navigate amongst the UFO reports. You can visit the website here.

By moving the cursor around on the map, new quotes will appear, showing the different alleged sightings. The vague, abstract reports and all their misspellings almost become poetic.

Concept, design and some development together with Måns Peterson, John Bengtsson and Adam Siversen Ljung. The project was part of a design relay where the whole class worked on repurposing existing digital archives in teams of four. Our group focused on concept and graphic design. More credits can be found on the site.